Monday, 5 November 2012

Motivation on a Monday

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So I woke up this morning and in preperation for not spending money at work I made sure my breakfast was both yummy and filling. I had two eggs, two pieces of toast and cheese. In hindsight, cheese could have been excluded...and maybe one piece of toast but I tend to worry that I could get hungry at work, a feeling that makes me feel like a smoker out of smokes.

Today I plan on going to the gym at 12:45pm, there I will do 20 minutes cardio, a few weights and sit ups. I figure if I continue to do this every day at work and then at home do an extra 20, I should notice a difference in a few weeks. That feeling of my thighs rubbing together, a belly that some might wonder if I'm pregnant, some more energy would be nice as well.  I can't wait to feel and see a difference!!! I am semi motivated to go to the gym, there is always a struggle in the back on my mind about going to the gym. But you can't have results without the work. Unfortunatley I am not blessed with a fast metabolism, rather, I swell up like a pufferfish if I walk by a cookie. So, with a visual of me being loads healthier I will drag my butt to the gym and be one day closer to my goal.

I found this link online. I've decided to drink more green tea with honey to help me cut back on all the sugar and cream I have in my coffee. I've been doing some light research on my choices-check out all the benefits!

So, it's now 1:59pm. I am back from the gym, ate my lunch and now I'm ready to get back to work. My workout was exactly as I mentioned, 20 minutes cardio, weights (legs) and sit ups. I had a few excuses mulling in my head as to why I should not of them being pretty valid, I forgot my towel at home...well one day of stinky is not too bad, I just won't make a habit out of it..I put deodorant on to help mask my forgetfullness. Sometimes I think that is the universe conspiring against me, but I went ahead regardless of the excuses I came up with and I feel better for doing so. Day 3 and still on track! yay

A few reasons to stay motivated in doing my exercise and eat healthy:

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